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Sep 4, 2017


Hullo, folks!

I've decided to be more active in ALL of my art-related accounts and have come to a solution which is to upload everything I do on all of them. I've got Deviantart, Facebook(which is actually the most up-to-date), my Instagram(fairly new) and of course, our home, Artspice.
So, my plan now is to post everything I did on Facebook, here, to catch up. After that, all future posts will be posted on all my sites. 
I am still contemplating whether to do that in my Deviantart as well but for now, Artspice goes first.

Update: I decided that all my future posts will always grace Artspice's pages first(in sync with facebook) and that only some content will be posted on Deviantart(comics in English and any art in general only) and Instagram(traditionally made work only).


Cheers! 👺
The following pictures are either arranged by dates or content theme/feel, or both.

I did these for Maya


I made this as my desktop wallpaper and background art for my now defunct site.


This was a present for Milo's(From Kyusie Kompanie) birthday, last year.


Did these for my Boss and his wife, at my current work.



My two-page contribution for Milo's PE Day Comics. 


In 2016, I found myself voicing out my political opinions because I cannot fathom what was happening: people around me, friends, family, relatives, seemed to support Extra-judicial Killings and other questionable events, all for the promise of "Real Change" in my country. I pumped out strips and cartoons that would hopefully, not only make people laugh but also reflect.

Aug 7, 2017

Indieket 2017

Ten years as a group of people just hanging out, sharing art and inspiring each other and feeding off each other's creative output to further our sensibilities and skills, we have finally managed to get a table at a local convention here in the Philippines called Indieket! I dunno what it is but the universe seems to be in our favor because we sold all our copies! Still can't believe that happened.

Ten years may be long but I believe we weren't ready to print and sell our stuff. Life was hectic and demanding but in between, we developed skills, made friends who were established and knew what they were doing and pointed us in the right direction.

Apologies, for our habitual inactivity, you know how it goes haha.
Also apologies if we haven't announced this gig and you're now only getting the news of the aftermath. We'll do our best to update this blog more specially when we plan on attending cons.

So yeah, here's to more conventions and putting our stuff up in print and selling!

Thank You art by Maya

Dado and Maya and Cartoon Hannah Smiling for the Camera

Dado making a commission.

The comics we were selling:

Q  by Dado De Guzman
Epic Smash Time by Hannah Buena
OTL by Maya P.
Fap Material written by Jordan Dela Cruz and drawn by Dado De Guzman

Jan 24, 2017

10 years!!!!

It's been ten years since the folks of Artspice first met each other! 
So here's a little drawing to celebrate that :)

Jul 6, 2016