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Dec 11, 2018


Just thought I should make a drawing that kinda give a gist of the things I'm into and who I am. Later!

Dec 10, 2018


Drew my sister, my girlfriend and my brother's girlfriend. It's good practice. Onwards, to my improvement in drawing females and clothing!

Oct 11, 2018


For context: In recent events in our D&D campaign, Not Even Plan B, Maya's character, Leika, lost a very valuable item called the Bloodstone. It had great resurrecting and healing properties which helped the party along the way.
While we were at the mall, she joked about looking for it and I was just like, "Good luck actually finding one here." And there it was.
The joke was on both of us.

Sep 25, 2018


A doodle of a character I was thinking of playing when my bard died, until he turned out to be alive. so this one's a back up character now. No name for him yet. Later!