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Jan 24, 2017

10 years!!!!

It's been ten years since the folks of Artspice first met each other! 
So here's a little drawing to celebrate that :)

Jul 6, 2016

Jun 5, 2016

It's Summe-- No, Rainy Season!

Hey there folks! (if there's still anyone keeping up to date with the site at all =_=)

Have some drawings!


 Julius Villanueva's Character, Ella from his comic, Ella Arcangel

MY Dungeons and Dragons character, Draid Brewkettle. He's a Drow raised by Halflings and learned the ways of a bard.

Our D&D party. We added two more members so expect a new drawing soon!

Feb 18, 2016


Hullo folks!

I know, I know, where have we been? Well, as usual, We kinda just start becoming busy with our simple lives earning money or just lazying around and doing whatever and disappear. We apologize. It seems the lack of updates has become a tradition. Hahaha! But yeah, We apologize. Life just gets to us soo much sometimes.

Bye 2015, Hullo 2016.

Not making promises but will do our best to post more drawings and whatnots.

Enough chitchat, Time to bring out the drawings from last year to currently!

People I work with in Animation

A friend who also works as an animator but on a different studio.

One of the best thing that happened last year was me and my friends (also co-Artspice, Maya) started playing Dungeons and Dragons! Our campaign still continues!

Xandranoth the Human Wizard

Flip Surana, Human Space Pirate

Draid Brewkettle, Half-Drow Bard (ME)

Leika Ravensong, Elven Druid (MAYA)

Kazakh, Lizardfolk Ranger

Mnoudens The Great, Dungeon Master

Here's the latest drawing I did of myself.

Another exciting thing this year is I am helping out with the group Kyusi Kompanie and made a comic on their anthology, Kada Dia. My comic's title is Q and is a slice-of-life comic about people's experiences inside and outside of a Queue. Maybe I'll upload it sometime even if it's in Tagalog.

That's it for now!
Here's to more artwork to upload!

Jul 25, 2015


"During your supply run, you and your fellow survivors get cut-off by an oncoming horde of zombies. You end up getting trapped in a building with nothing but the things you scavenged during your run and what you could find inside. You managed to radio in for help but it'll take time. Can you survive until help arrives?"

I love board games. From chess, to snakes and ladders and everything I could play involving boards, cards and dice before computer games took over. Then, I started watching Tabletop in Youtube and it rekindled my love for those games and then some. I remember cutting folders to make cards and made Final Fantasy VIII's card game, in real life to play with my classmates when I was in high-school. 
Now, I'm at it again but this time, I made my own game. 

A zombie-themed card game (with dice) called Trapped. It's a work in progress and I mostly wanted a game to play with my siblings and friends and this is what happened. If anything, I'm glad to find another outlet for my creativity and I never thought I'd suddenly be into game design! I did a lot of research on how to make a decent and working game and I'm having lots of fun.

The picture up there is a "decent" prototype and the game's engine and mechanics are working pretty well. To be honest, if given the chance, I'd like to have these printed and made into real cards so it's more durable and would last longer. Selling it or taking it to a publisher is a good idea buuuut I don't think I'm that good yet when it comes to game design so I'm not going there... yet. xD Right now, I enjoy making these and thinking up mechanics and rules and the whole process of making the components is just pure fun. Work but still fun haha! I also have another card game which I made when I was brainstorming this version of Trapped (I made the first version last year. It came out good but got REALLY math heavy and dragging, game play wise, so I decided to improve it), called Monster RPS, which is a very light card game and I will show it, next time. :D