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Jul 1, 2009


Background practice. :D
I used pens and watercolors.
Been trying to find the best background style fit to my drawings. Got inspired by various cartoons, particularly Samurai Jack. Scott Will's background paintings are stunning and I wanted to see if I could develop some skill in doing those too, so there.
Might make more so stay tuned.
Cheers! :B

The third attempt at BGs, only with characters.
Trying to see how it would look like if I go all traditional with my characters and the backgrounds. What do you think? :B

Left: My first attempt at drawing BGs. I was trying to make it somewhat vectorized but I ended up with this. some people liked it though, but I thought this could've been better. :B
Right: This is the second attempt and I love how this came out. I was totally winging it and just let it all work out naturally.:B