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Jul 1, 2009


Hahahaha just to get back at Dado for posting my old drawings xD. I didn't ask for his permission to post this kaya surprise surprise!!!!

Really pretty pic. I wish he could've posted this online though. I forgot his reasons why, oh well mwohohohohoho.... :D

Art by Dado.

Oh, and I was looking through my old folders when I found this screenshot LOL. Those were good old times. I'm not much of a gamer pero I got addicted to RO back then ..... I wish I had a copy of the screenie with the three of us together. pero I think only Maya and Dado have those.


Maya finally sent me the screenie with the three of us together, weeeeeee!

I'm The one with the red hair, Maya is the blue one and Dado is (yeah you guessed it, besides he's the only guy on the group) the green haired one.

hahaha Ah, the thrill of discovery! :3