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Oct 17, 2009

A member of The Royal Loyal Intrepid Explorer's Gentlemen's Club: Perkins

A little something from an old batch of sketches exhumed and re-embalmed for the benefit of all.

Sir Perkins Wellingshire, of the member of the The Royal Loyal Intrepid Explorer's Gentlemen's Club.

For more of the Royal Loyal Intrepid Explorer's Gentlemen's Club, stay tuned. The story has been carefully written to offend all persons regarding of age, gender, sex and creed. The story has been meticulously written on a 8 x 12 piece of non-recycled monochrome parchment using the finest underwood typewriters available. The paper used for writing the story was a piece of parchment available by the dozen at the nearest stationary shop that only purveys non-recycled products of wood pulp and papyrus. The author of the story is a also the one who illustrated this rather crude ink drawing of one of the less notable but worthy of mention member of the club. The author of the story would like to express his desire that he will not be illustrating the story since it is more convenient for him to dribble on his typewriter and painstakingly retyping them on modern electricity powered machines which connects this machine to that machine. Instead the illustrator of the said story will be Miss H. Buena who has graciously offered the author a box where he can live his life unperturbed by modernity in general. Miss H. Buena has also allowed the author to be poked from time to time for rivulets of ideas to cascade and inspire everyone. For more the club, stay tuned.

For those who can't stay tuned, here enclosed is a link, to a sample of the written story, which in the future will be illustrated by the aforementioned Ms. H. Buena,