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Nov 23, 2013

Oh My Updates!

Hullo Folks.

I know the site has been eerie since the last post. It's also apparent that there have been no posts whatsoever this year and it's nearly over.

Here's why:

Everyone is busy.

Maya is in Law School; Hannah got a desk job and is busy brewing something delicious; Ike has no internet at the moment because his only computer finally died and I have been busy working as an animator.

Deadlines are just UGH.

So yeah. On behalf of my friends and colleagues, I'd like to apologize.

It also just dawned on me that Artspice; if I am correct; is four years old since we put up the site. Hooray!

To make up for it, here's something I made for Maya. Yes I am still drawing and making stuff. We all are, I think.

Her name is Leika. She is Maya's original character and this is my rendition of her.

That's it. I won't promise anything but I'll do my best to bring back the jolly to this place by posting more art and a little improvement on the site. Not too major though 'cause I think I finally nailed the theme I was aiming for with the wallpaper BG, thanks to that template we're currently using.