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May 31, 2015


Hullo folks!

There will be changes to Feature Friday!. It will no longer be done every first Friday of the month since we broke the streak for about 2 months now due to hectic work schedules. Instead, I decided that these features be done at any time, any month as long as it's still on a Friday. We couldn't keep up with the process and do everything to hit that deadline, since we're pretty much working on jobs with even greater deadlines. I believe this change would allow us to still do the features with less pressure and procrastination also actually post something else besides the feature. Thanks for the understanding and we'll do our best!

Now for some pictures!

I try to go online as much as I can during the weekends and this is usually what happens. It takes sooo long to update too and every tab I open won't load at all.

 I saw a friend's facebook status update about him torn about doing 3 things: jog, eat icecream or watch game of thrones. I answered him with this drawing.

The cover/backround photo for my podcast.