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Jun 15, 2015

Lettering Comic

I have always been hand-lettering my comics since I became obsessed on improving my handwriting when I saw an old classmate's notebook with beautiful handwriting. Also because I was trying to emulate comic lettering. Today, I could say that I have somehow achieved to make my handwriting legible, only in pen and paper. I can write legibly too digitally using a small Wacom Bamboo but my wrists hurt afterwards. 
I used fonts back when I did the "Jokes Women Won't Laugh At" strips but I was naive and just slapped the first free comic font I liked. I saw how artificial it was so I went back to hand-lettering. I was drawing and lettering traditionally back then so that was okay. These days though, I don't have a scanner (I know people who would willingly scan my works for me but it would take too long not to mention I had my own scanning standards and edits) so I tend to work digitally using Flash.

This strip is basically the result of me pondering too much about these things. I learned to choose the fonts that would suit my drawings. I could say I found one that kinda resembles my handwriting. Now on to more comics!