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Hannah Buena  (A.k.a: H or HK or HKBuena)
Comic Artist, Gamer, Illustrator
Hannah met Dado online and agreed to make a home site that will hold their works. She was the one who came up with Artspice as the name for the site. It's catchy.

She loves potato chips, video games (specifically Nintendo), and cats.

She Lives in Naga, Bicol, Philippines.

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Ike Villaruel  (A.k.a: I, Mokuzai, Underwood Writer)
Comic Artist, Illustrator, Writer
Ike is an excellent artist and writer, though he wouldn't agree. Ike was introduced to Dado by Hannah online and there's no doubt that this old soul is a fine addition to this team of crazy creatives. Ike believes he was born in the wrong time and century. His work is a testament to that belief.

He lives in Ilo-ilo, Philippines.

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Maya P.  (A.k.a: M, Patty)
Digital Background Artist, Gamer, Serial Doodler
Maya met Dado on a famous local comic strip's Forum then urged him to join DeviantArt, where they met Hannah for the first time. Armed with basic knowledge in Flash and upon seeing her simple style and doodles, Maya was invited to join the fun and showcase her stuff on the site.

She lives in Antipolo, Philippines and currently works as a Digital Background Artist while doing more doodles and gaming on the side.

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Dado De Guzman  (A.k.a: D, Dads)
Cartoonist, Musician, Flash Animator
Dado began conceptualizing Artspice and pitched it to Hannah back in 2007 - 2008 as a means to showcase their creative work. The site went live on March 10, 2009 with Hannah making the first post. The site then eventually expanded to include Ike, Maya and J, because Dado believes it's plenty fun to have more friends on board.

He currently lives in Manila and works as a Flash Animator while doing more comics and music whenever he can. He also started experimenting with Logo design, making his own Tabletop games, magic tricks and a podcast.

Comic Writer, Film Enthusiast, Film Director
Dado's frequent collaborator of stories that have yet to see the light of day. He was his college classmate and was also Hannah's classmate back in elementary(Small world!). Upon knowing, Dado immediately set up a meeting with Hannah and J then introductions to the others later followed. He loves film and comics.

J currently lives in Qatar.

They have yet to create and release a work as a group but have achieved multitudes as individuals in the world of Animation, Film, Advertising, Local Exhibits and Print.